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my tenant burnt my house: do i have a hope


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i have written this letter to court for justice: please let me know what others think after reading this. THIS TENANT BURNT MY HOUSE IN MARCH AND TODAY IS 7TH OF SEP. SHE IS NOT PAYING ANY RENT AND NOT LEAVING THE PROPERTY AND INSURANCE HAS YET NOT MET MY CLAIM.

I have yesterday met thetenant in regards to the complaints I had from neighbors very recently. Iunderstand it will take time for court to evict the tenant, but in the meantime I am very much concerned and extremely stressed considering the currentsituation.

The house is totally uninhabitable duethe fire damages that she is responsible for.

Neighbors have been very muchdisturbed not only due to that fire incident but of her being nuisance andirresponsible. She is regularly running petrol-powered generator inside thehouse and in the caravan that she parked in my garden without permission.(Kindly refer to the email attached to this page) She told me that she do notsleep here but cannot give-up possession as there is no place for her to storeher belongings. And she does not have to pay rent, as the house isuninhabitable. So costing myself £600/month to store her belongings.

I am reallyworried and much concerned about any future miss happening that is very likelyto occur if she carried out in the same way.

The tenant is very vulnerable and isaddicted to drugs. She still burns the candles on top of her scatteredrubbish and clothes. She has plenty of butane bottles inside the house that sheuse for lighting and to cook food on a camping stove. She still smoke insideand cigarettes are on the floors full of rubbish. My house is in centre ofanother 2 houses; there is a matter of risk to others lives. Neighbor’schildren are already affected due to her smokes she release regularly. (Emailattached)

I pray to court that incase they granther more time, and she again set the fire, will I have any assurance to recovermy house? I am already nervous from my insurance company who has yet notcompleted the current fire claim, I am already not getting paid for uninsuredlosses that includes my fridge, WM, wooden bed, mattress, other decorativefurniture and garden fence that she broke to park her 30ft caravan.

Ifshe put the house on fire again who would help me to recover the damages? Insurance wouldn’t be very happy tosee another event and may go invalid and I am already paying highly increasedinsurance premiums, just due to her.

This is a matter of utmost urgency for myself and my wife who ispregnant with due date in December for our first baby. Instead of taking restshe has to work full time and walk 6miles everyday in order to meet themortgage of our burnt house.

After burning the house the tenant hasalready wasted 6months in good faith. And she failed to cooperate insteadshe has been a nightmare and was infect buying more time to live without payingrent.

And I am wondering if councilcouldn’t get their council tax claimed even after sending bailiffs, so where doI stand as a little landlord. (SHE HAS NOT EVEN PAID COUNCIL TAX FOR OVER AYEAR)

I have veryrecently contacted police and fire prevention team, in order to prevent futurehazard, Kent fire rescue team, visited the property thisweek and he was shocked after viewing the site. He referred the case to somefurther unit called "vulnerable people team" and assured they willget in touch and take some control to prohibit a miss happening. But no one hasreached me so far. Unfortunately every department has to wait until thecrime actually takes place, and cannot take any action until then.

If court values her request for moretime, please weigh that request to my hardship too. Its not just the financialloss but she has totally ruined one year of our life and instead of preparing awelcome to a first child we are struggling with this painful situation.

Its nearly 6months now since she burntthe house and 3months without any rent. And she shows no signs of leaving theproperty. It will take me another 2 to3 months to repair and put the house backon market. My only hope is the court.

I request court to inspect my propertyif possible and do the justice.

In hope

the little landlord


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I think that the total lack of any replies is due to the fact that your quoted problems just don't add up.

If what you say is true then I find it hard to understand why the authorities haven't stepped in by now.

Why on earth didn't you start a formal repossession case as soon as she set fire to the house?

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Court dissmissed my case telling i filled a wrong form after 6weeks, where as they adviced me on phone to fill in N5b for sec-8, They processed the case, served the notice and then dismissed on final day.

SHE managed to buy time doing wrong promises. insurance took bit long to process case. i never thought that she would stick to the place and now have started passing me threats.

I contacted police, council, environmental team, fire brigade, no chance

meeting my local MP next month.

Yes, I thought that as well.....she "burnt your house" (plus other things!) last March and you have only now decided to get rid of her?

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You state that the tenant 'set fire' to your house - do you have proof that this was malicious, was she charged by the police? Or was it an accident - these things happen.

Your original section 8 notice will still be valid so long as it is less than 12 months old, so you should have re-filed the claim on the correct paperwork as soon as you discovered you had made a mistake - the courts do not give legal advice. If you don't know what you are doing, you should get specialist help - there are companies advertising on here and I run such a company myself.

You say the property is unnhabitable, then you say the tenant won't leave. Court is hardly going to award you rent for an uninhabitable property. If it truly is uninhabitable, seek legal advice as the contract may be fustrated (and therefore invalidated by this.

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