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Piggin' DPS

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I've rented flat 3 and 4 very recently, both £400 deposit.

One has paid to my find only A, I'm still waiting for payment from them but realise that's my problem. It does confuse the"when deposit was paid" though.

Then you can't process without mobile or email. A T gave me a duff 8 figure mobile number, an honest mistake as all else checks out and there is a G'tor. I added noughts to progress it.

Then I entered the T's to their address, but screwed up.

I've registered them both at flat 3 and paid both deposits. I can't see how to amend the mistake, any ideas ?

Winge, winge, I 'ate this DPS cr*p, life was so much simpler the old way.

I took dosh and returned dosh simples.

I've still to print off mega pages of duplicated info and return to Wales to get 2 signatures. Just to show I gave them pieces of paper, winge, winge.

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