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T moving out early - letter of surrender?


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Hello, again. You must be tired of my many posts today. If you bear with me a bit longer.

Our T, who signed a year agreement, wants to move out ASAP after 10,5months. To protect ourselves, in case he changes his mind, I think we need to get him to sign a surrender letter, to make sure he won't turn around and sue us for illegal eviction or decide he wants to move back, when there's a new T in situ.

Could you, please clarify what form he needs to sign to confirm that he's moving out of his own will and the tenancy has ended.

Also, he would like us to pay him back for half of the month (June), when he moves out (we, of course, won't charge him for July, either). The thing is we might have found a new T, who may move before the month is over. We can't have both rents for two weeks, right? Or am I rightly annoyed with him?

Thank you.

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You're correct, legally you shouldn't, sorry can't charge rents twice for the same period.

But you could negotiate the surrender with some advantage to you, a settlement rather than rent.

I provide a form that asks the T when the property will be 'surrendered' back to the LL (me), it reminds them of their responsibilities of utilities, rents, cleaning......

I also ask for contact details of the present utility suppliers, even though they shouldn't be different.

I'll see if it will copy ??

I sometimes get them back, but them knowing they have responsibility till formally surrendered can help.

Notice of Tenancy Termination



I the above named Tenant give notice of intention to terminate the tenancy for the above named property.

I understand that it is my responsibility to pay all due monies

to Landlord, service providers, and local council charges for the above property

and be responsible for the security of the property

and be bound by the terms of the latest tenancy agreement entered into for the named property

up to completion of the notice period and correct surrender of the property to the Landlord.

I understand that the property cannot be considered as surrendered to the Landlord

until all belongings of the Tenant have been removed from the property unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Landlord.

No persons shall be held financially accountable for the disposal of contents that remain within the property

following the date the property is returned to the possession of the Landlord.

Vacant inspection of the property shall be carried out by the Landlord or his agent

prior to calculation of final account.

The property shall be returned to Landlords possession from

Date Time

My future intended address will be

Post Code

Tenant Sign


Witness Print Name

Witness Sign


Witness Address

Post Code

Please give address and phone number of current utility providers

Return To


Gas -------------------- ------------------------ ------------ -----------------

(my) Tel : -------------

(my) Mob : ------------

Sorry it's a bit jumbled as I have this on XL, but you should get the gist.

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