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DPS Repayment ID

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Maybe I am the only one who didn't read correctly and got this wrong.

On my statements I show the DPS 'Reference' and 'Repayment ID' numbers.

A T that departed with incorrect notice (and other minor issues) has been waiting for me to 'sort' her deposit for her. Assuming that I would have to agree to any repayment prior to the DPS giving it I was in no rush.

WRONG, I assume that she has returned to Shelter and with the repayment ID they have claimed her 'total' deposit back for her.

Here we can see the incorrect spelling of assume as it's assisme.

It's not unusual for me to find the DPS set up ambiguous and confusing. Now I'm using the DPS website to apply for an email "reminder" of the other repayment ID's. This will give me new repayment ID's that I don't divulge to other similar scabby git T's. Strange sort of "reminder" that, innit ?

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Interesting point.

Quote from DPS website "When one party requests a repayment, the other needs to confirm whether they agree with the proposal, by completing an acceptance form - either online or by post."

Cor, from what you imply, has knowledge of the DPS repayment ID alone enabled Shelter to obtain the deposit back for your tenant, without your "completion of an acceptance form"?

Are we then to assume that the giving of repayment ID number to a tenant is a sufficient acceptance in itself?

I have yet to use DPS repayment process. Can someone enlighten us on this?

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Yep that's about it.

The only communication from the DPS (email) was to confirm that the full deposit had been returned to the T.

As She isn't one that I see being able to accomplish this sort of thing, and as shelter have been advising previously, it is I that ASSume they have done this for her.

So I rang the DPS, waited some time as they are busy, to be told that as the repayment ID had been used the payment had been made. That's my lot, it's done.

Me thinking that the DPS would contact me to seek approval of the claim by the T is just me being silly.

Me thinking that if I fail to respond in 14 days and the T then being repaid by default is just me being silly.

As the T had failed to surrender until into a following rental period I had right to claim an extra month, that not uncommonly is the deposit. I thought eventually the T would contact me and we might negotiate a middle ground to compensate the extra few days and cleaning / redecoration costs. That's just me being silly.

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Thanks for highlighting this scam COR. I was just about to hang on as long as possible to a DPS kept deposit whilst waiting for a S21 possession order with costs and stay of 42 days eventhough tenants reckon they are departing tonight.

They too have been using Shelter to try to get everything they want. I'm sticking to donating to animal charities from now on!


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My T's get a statement of account, my own creation, within a few days of start of tenancy.

It shows initial payments and confirms the deposit (DPS) situation. They then get one annually unless I'm reminding them of arrears.

Now I realise that the repayment ID isn't for them. Previously I thought I was being open with the information. Being aware that we have the 'responsibility' to provide much prescribed information to T's I gave a little too much. In this case I gave £386 too much.

When we make a mistake we pay. When a T makes a mistake we pay (you have recovered a little of His 'mistake'). I don't desire sympathy but it may be that others have done the same, my little tale might help them prevent some loss.

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