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Short Assured Tenancy


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Hi. Has anyone ever had a problem ending a short assured tenancy (in Scotland) because they inadvertantly (stupidly!) made an error with the start and end date of the agreement ? If so, how did they manage to resolve the issue?

I let my flat in Glasgow on a Short Assured Tenancy agreement after first issuing an AT5 which the T signed and dated to confirm that she understood the terms of the agreement. I discovered shortly afterwards that I had made an error with the end date of the agreement - basically I had made it for 5 months instead of 6!!! - God knows why I didn't double check it, but I dfidn't and the T had already moved in before I noticed it..

She asked me for a further 6 months agreement after the first one had ended which I supplied, this time with the correct minimum term, and then another which ended in January this year. Since then we have operated on a monthly basis. The T hasn't mentioned it but I'm acutely aware of the mistake and worried that if I ask her to quit she could use i't as a way of staying for as long as she likes. I've been living with my girlfriend in England for 2 years now but intend to move back into the flat before 3 years is up so that I won't be liable for captal gains when I sell the property, which I lived in for 15 years before renting it. Can anybody offer some advice on how I should proceed and what I could do if she used the error as a way of staying on?

Thanks B

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