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They Always Manage to Amaze

Carryon Regardless

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I have flat 3 back from a Lady T.

Contractually and actually discussed no animals, She kept her dog.

Smelly flat and therefore carpets, I was miffed.

On consideration the damage was done so I agreed for dog to remain if carpets (at part worn rate) are bought from me (£375).

Later her memory is that I have allowed for doggy without monies.

She is strange, comms always awkward.

She arrested by Police for fighting with her husband, he has flat 1 (we won't go into that).

Other T's complain about arguments.

I refused access (2 days notice) as inconvenient., but no problem to go into flat 1 as he was present so, in my mind, he could have supervised the flat 3 access.

S21 served then defended (in writing not Court) by Shelter, I didn't agree their argument but served another. More silly advice from Shelter.

Lady leaves returning keys some days later, no consideration of rents due for extended period.

Yesterday I inspect flat, attempt at cleaning but still needs more and a strange (not dog) smell. A little damage.

Husband will give her telephone number but not new address, She has failed to provide as requested (nowt new there).

So the funny bit. Her husband has just left a message "my wife would like to rent the flat from you again". You couldn't make it up.

I've heard a lot but that is a new one on me.

Oh and he has broken his toilet handle and needs it repairing urgently.

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Beside being a silly sod She paid rent on the button.

There is temptation to take her with an admin charge of £375, and a 'shut yer cake ole' clause.

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