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I let my property through letting agent who did not take any bond from the tenant who were claiming housing benefit

The contract was for £425 per month and she was only receiving £152 per month housing benefit so she cound never pay the agreed rent so we had to evict her before the eviction date she moved out taking all copper pipeing from radiators costing £500 is the agent liable for not taking bond money.Also he must have known she could not afford the rent from the start.

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You need to read the T&C's you signed with the letiing agent and see what they say they will do for their fee.

If it is clearly writen that they will do xy&z and they dont, no question about it you should have a claim.

There is also the "duty of care" they have towards you the client even if there isnt anything stated.

Are they members of




If so you can complain to them

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