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Unreasonable tenancy settlement


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I have recently vacated from 1 bedroom apartment after staying for two years.

The property was properly cleaned. The agent got a new tenant immediately one day after my tenancy ended and that is without doing any additional cleaning

Now agent asking unreasonably high amount for most of the items for final settlement like carpet replacement, hob replacement , kitchen work area replacement and some cleaning charges.

The total disputed amount crossing my actual deposit and due to this I can't raise dispute to my deposit protection's dispute resolution service.

The dispute resolution service telling I can’t raise dispute more than my deposit so I would loose 500 pounds without raising any dispute

Can any one tell me how to handle such cases


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* Was there a check in inventory and a check out inventory ?

If yes......then just dispute the charges with the lettings agent. The agent will need an independannt person to verify their claim.....so unless they have proof they probably won't win.

If no......the agent has no proof and can't win the claim.

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