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letting agent problem


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I'm new member on here and would like other landlords views/advice if pos.

I have 3 properties in my sole name which are let to tenants (I am seperated from ex husband who wants nothing to do with properties). All 3 not in my local area and managed by agents.

One property is with an agent and is okay re: equity and rental position.

The other two are in neg. equity now and are let by a different agent. Recently I have had a lot of problems with this agent as follows; lack of contact not informing me of repairs I find out when statement arrives showing work carried out and cost already taken from rent no invoices as proof. Recently one property has had problem with outside drain I had to arrange for a company to clear drain which didn't solve problem cost over £100 then paid further amount for drain survey and for drain to be vacummed out £200. No contact from agent recieved invoice from drain company saying that they need another £65 to clean area after work completed I paid the £65. 2 weeks later agent says tenant is complaining drain still bad and is threatening environmental health. I was under the impression it had been sorted so called agent who then tells me the drain needs excavating and pipe replaced says drain company quote is £800 - £900. First time anyone has mentioned this so called a friend of friend and he will go and sort drain cheaper than this but needs copy of survey to locate problem. Ask agent for report/survey, he says no report but will contact drain company to ask for this. Three days later no contact call agent who says a dvd and report is being posted to me from drain company call drain company they say that they gave copy to agent actually handed in to office day before, call agent back and tell them what they said and he denies this is the case. now have to wait for another copy to be sent to me.

Agent now says tenant is staying with her mum as there is raw sewage in garden and the tenant wants a rent reduction this month.

Any thoughts on this situaton appreciated.


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When we have had drain problems in the past......and I'm involved in managing a 96 property estate.....we have used Blockbusters who are, I believe, a nationwide organisation and they have always been brilliant for quality, speed, cost etc.

The water companies responsibilities have recently changed so that they are now responsible for dealing with far more drain problems than they were in the past.......so you may like to contact your properties local water/ sewerage company for details.

Clearly your agent is not performing well and you'd do well to find another.......preferably by recommendation.

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