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Guest caravanj

I will be letting my property shortly and have British Gas Homecare, which covers my boiler, radiators and electrics (annual boiler and electric service and breakdowns for a monthly fee) can i claim the full amount of this montly fee back from the taxman. Regards

E.G. If you pay £200 per annum to British Gas & you pay 20p in the £ income tax you will not get £200 back from HMRC, you will pay 20p in the £ on £200 less tax or £40 in cash terms.

The same applies to anything else you spend to maintain your rental property. You can also offset any interest on a buy-to-let mortgage against profit from a rental property.

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British Gas Homecare is, in my opinion, a complete waste of money. I have not had any boiler cover for at least 20 years and in that time I've had X3 repairs..... each repair costing about £200 to fix.

It wouldn't surprise me that if your boiler breaks down, BG will find some problem that isn't covered under the policy.

I never buy anything that has British in the name unless there is no alternative.

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