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Average letting/void time


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Hello there fellow forum members,

Out of curiosity - I was just wondering what the average letting time for your properties were - from placing the advert to signing the tenancy? I know this obviously depends on the type of property, area, and so on.

We have ditched the Letting Agent (too expensive) and gone with an on-line Agent and queries are trickling in, coupled with viewings. We've now had the flat on advert for 2 weeks, but not yet found a suitable tenant.

Ours is a 1 bed Victorian conversion in the London suburb (SE - zone 4).

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None of the answers you are likely to get will have much relevance to your situation.

It depends on very VERY many things......property type, size, location, position, furnished/unfurnished, quality of interior, target tenant, proximity to shops/ station, the agent, the media you are using to advertise, the proactiveness of the agent, the variety of advertising media used, what is included in the price, the rent being asked, the length of the contract required, the deposit being asked, your own tenant specification, how the market is in your area at this time etc etc etc.

A good high street agent......prefferably one who has links to other agents within a 10/15 mile radius who advertises on Rightmove, in your local newspapers and in their shop window will usually find someone reasonably quickly subject to price and factors identified above. But the London market is very different from a sleepy rural location and finding a benefits tenant is a somewhat different job to finding a professional.

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