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change of letting agent


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Was wondering if anybody could help - I am currently in the process of starting to manage 11 properties that were previously managed by various estate agents. I am just about to write to all of the current tennants to let them know that their letting agent is going to change and to send them new contact and bank details. I do not wish to alter anything from their current tenancy agreements but will obviously be sending them new contracts with our company name. Does anybody have a proforma I could use or could perhaps take some time to give me some idea of what I should include.I have had a look at the resources on here but can't seem to find anything appropriate. I would be very grateful for any suggestions.




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Tenants do not normally have contracts with the letting agent.

I do wonder it you have a ability to manage 11 properties if you need help to write such a basic letter as informing a tenant that landlord is changing agent and the new contract details are xy & z.. I don't mean to be rude but how would you cope when having to write letters concerning:

1 Anti social behavior

2 Guarantors not wanting to be guarantors ny more.

3 Justifying any of your fees to landlords

4 Disputes of the quality of maintenance done

The list goes on and on.

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Sorry grampa.

I have drafted a letter, just lookin for a bit of reassurance that I have included everything. Thought there may be someone on here with a little more experience, willing to share, who could offer advice.

Never mind.

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