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my landlord has 1 week ago given me 2 months notice of possession under a periodic contract, we have had to leave earlier (1months notice give yesterday) to ensure we are housed. the landlord is now pursuing the full 2 months rent, are we liable for this. our agency feels this is unfair. are we liable for the full 2 months

the landlords visited the property a few months ago and after expressing their happiness at how we had maintained the property in front of the agent asked us if we would be happy to sign for another 6 months,. i agreed and continued to chase this up and it never came to fruition,.

the agent tells me they are also making demands of the agency re our deposit (which is a protected bond type) saying they will decide how much we get back etc,...

the date we recieved the 2 months notice was 26th june,. i then found us somewhere to live but we have to move in before the 2 months,. i.e 8th aug,. so i tendered 1 months notice on the 7th july,. i have offered to pay up to this date and even 2 days extra as compromise,.

the property has been excellently maintained and we have even carried out maintenance ourselves that would normally fall to the landlord to complete,. our agency are being very helpful and they have told me that under the circumstances they feel the landlord is being unfair,. we are getting married in october and to have to pay the extra rent would cripple us.

the only thing that is in question is whether we have to pay to the rent date (27th) or whether we can just give 4 weeks anytime,. (as soon as i confirmed we had somewhere i sent the letter),. the agency seems to feel they may pursue us through court to get the money, hence i need to find out if we are liable for it or not,....

So to summarise after paying 950 a month rent always on time and going beyond the call of duty with maintenance this has the potential to turn nasty and messy. i would of course like to avoid this,

can anyone please help??


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The short answer is YES you are liable to pay rent until 27th August:-

If your rent day is the 27th month and you received your 2 months notice on 26th June you have to move by 27th August.

You then issued 1 months notice on 7th July and your 1 month notice must end on a rent day. Your 1 month notice therefore starts on 26th July and ends on 27th August.

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Regarding the deposit - if you do not agree with monies asked for by the landlord for damages or to do work you did not do you can dispute this and the deposit will be suspended until an outcome is reached.

Richlist is right you do have to pay the full rent until the end of the notice.


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