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What makes a good agent?


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I am about to let a property for the first time and thought for now it best use a letting agent until I get the hang of things.

I have contacted several and all appear the same, one in particular is offering 6.5% for full management as they are just starting up in the area (they have other offices in nearby towns)

Basically I live only 5 mins from the property and intend to actually keep a close eye on things myself, therefore will be using the agency just to start me off.

Therefore does it really matter who I use?, I will check all the info they get on the tenant and ensure everything seems above board, to be honest this is my only real concern with the whole process.

Any advice very much appreciated.

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Best bet is to try and get an agent who has been recommended.

In addition you might like to consider the following for starters....

* Lettings experience .....many estate agents who deal with sales try lettings to boost their income without knowing how.

* Qualifications.....ARLA etc.....not just of the manager but of the individuals you will be dealing with.

* Knowledge.......of lettings, dealing with problems, administration etc etc.

* Everything else.....such as....legal requirements, speed of response, opening hours, inspections, tenant selection criteria, your access to them, can they help & assist with issues, what are their terms of reference.

and the most important question......are they any good????

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