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Problems with managing agents


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Hi All

I have a rental property in a block of flats in London.

I have had major problems getting refurb works carried out (repossession).

The concierge refused to hold the keys for any viewings or for the workmen to be able to repair the property.

It delayed things considerably. I am displeased with the management firm as they collect a large sum in service charges but dont seem to be doing the job.

Can I refuse to pay service charge as they have failed to provide a service? or take them to court for loss of rent?

The director of the management company has written back stating that they do not hold anyones keys at the concierge so they cannot be held liable for anything"!

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Rules is Rules.

I bet somewhere deep in the small print is a line where it states that the conceirge do not hold the keys of individual flats for security reasons.

Check your contract?

Workman,Repairs,Viewings etc. is down to you to provide access and keys imo.

Can you stop paying the service charge? I very much doubt it and I think you would be on very shaky ground unless you could prove otherwisw that the management have failed to provide you with a specific service you had expected.


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