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Letting to Company Sponsored Tennant


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My son is letting his apartment to a non UK resident employed by a local company.

He mentioned to me that he did not need to have a guarantor because the company was his sponsor (if this is the right term)

I did read previous posts (think it was Richlist) which urged caution in respect of this but cannot recall this exactly.

Can anyone advise me of any concerns that should be considered before he proceeds any further with this.

Many thanks for any advice.

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Years ago I did a couple of company lets and I would advise caution.............

Although the company is his sponser it doesn't mean that if any problem were

to arise that the company would step in to help you or the tenent....ie The company sacks him for any reason.....what then? He leaves the company by his own choice....what then?

In my case, what the tenent failed to inform me was that his Company had him employed on a 3 month trial before offering him a permanent contract. He failed their expectations and he was let go at the end of the 3 months. Luckily for me he found new employment elsewhere in the UK so his departure was swift but I still lost 2 weeks rent and a dirty house to clean up. The company weren't interested in what I had to say about the matter as far as they were concerned they had gone through an LA on his behalf.

Personally I would very wary about taking on sponsered tenents unless I had a watertight contract in place and some company responsibilty in case of default. (this I have done in the past with very few problems)


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