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Hi All,

Thanks for previous help ! Just a couple more questions I need help with please.

When I served the 21b because the tenant is my niece I did not think to get proof of delivery so do I need to fill in a certificate of service as there were no witnesses and will this suffice.

Do I need to put in first and most recent tenancy agreements or just most recent ?

And finally is it worth paying someone to complete this form for me or to attempt it myself ?

many thanks


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Proof of 'service' is required.

Those with experience find proof of post (no signature required) to be preferable to proof of delivery, as knowledgeable recipients refuse to sign and then you have nowt.

If you delivered by hand 'only' then really it's your word against theirs, being precise about date and time may help.

Apart from errors on the S21 about the only defence is the defendant saying it wasn't served.

In the past I have been fortunate that one of the interfering bodies (such as Shelter) have made contact confirming service.

If there is demonstrable evidence of the T responding this is good also, previously I have felt confidence in a text asking what this is all about. This has far greater use if other texts from the same number show the T has 'most likely' written them.

When I serve face to face I usually have a witness and ask the T to sign my copy.

Other methods are usual post,

adhering to an obvious part of the property, front door is my favourite.

I have been known to use many of these for one notice. They call it harassment, I call it belt and braces.

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