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Tenants on probation


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I had a call from a group called Action Housing who, from what I gather , rehouse people on probation. I seems they are released and housed initially to get them used to life on the outside and after a period of time they are housed in private rented accommodation.

I wasn't keen to start with but having asked some questions I was told the rent is paid direct to me from the council, and the person is monitored by a probation officer so presumably if I have any probelms I can go to them.

The only problem is the Landlords Insurance. I asked a couple of insurers to check I would be covered with this type of tenant and one said no and the other needs to know what their crime was before putting it to the underwriter.

Does anybody else have any experience of this?

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I don't have experience of this scenario.

However there wouldn't be a chance of my entertaining such an opportunity.

Any 'monitoring' is not within your control and is of unknown value, my cynicism toward such state organised activities would deter me.

HB payments made direct have a risk of recovery by HB if the claim is incorrect.

The history of the T may be simple or complicated, will you be made aware in advance and given opportunity to reject, or are there data protection, rehabilitation, human rights protections applicable ?

If there is an adverse situation evolves will there be assistance to help you overcome ? In my experience I don't see these when needed.

Sometime ago a T of mine fell in with a bad lot and lost control of his own life. Soon there were 3 ex cons using the property for their purposes.

The thought of having to resolve this was scary, my T had already suffered a 2am break in and beating, due to not paying for his stash is my guess.

A little later he tried to kiss the front of a moving bus, the bus stopped but he went for a phyciatric assessment for a while. His guarantor volunteered the keys, I took a chance and changed the locks saying this was surrender. Despite threats from the Housing Enforcement Officer I held out and the situation went away. A lucky escape for me.

Now I am far more careful about the preventing of a similar situation.

If you go for this I wish you the best of luck but too much of the Counties social problems are already imposed on me as a LL.

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