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I have a nice couple with a baby who have been good tenants for the last year paid rent always on time when Council wasnt messing about with the rent.

I had a 1 year assured tenancy with them which was a direct let through the Council which ends on the 9/06. The tenants asked me to write a letter to the Council saying that I would not continue to rent to them as the tenancy was up. They wanted me to do this because the place was too small for them due to them having a baby and the council told them to do it. I did that for them as I said they were good tenants and nice.

Anyway the Council has now turned round to them and told them when the tenancy is up to refuse to hand over the keys and not move and they will not rehome them until they are being taken to Court and the balliffs are knocking on the door!?

I cant believe it!? Surely that cant be right!?

The tenants are suggesting they just pack their bags and give the keys back to me and turn up at the Council forcing them to rehome them...

Any thoughts please guys?

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Welcome to 21st Century Landlord Britain Sammye...........

Yes, that is correct.......If they leave your property through the normal channels by doing the decent thing then the Council will have deemed that they have made themselves homeless and therefore the Council have no responsibility for that action BUT if they sit tight and not pay you any rent and force you to go down the route of legal eviction then they will go to the top of the list for Council accommodation as YOU have made them homeless.

I know, crazy isn't it but what else would you expect in our Country in the 21st Century.


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