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Boiler problems


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Hello all

I would appreciate advice on this one

I have a 3 year old flat in London with an Elson unit(Tank ) for the boiler which is electricty operated.Just outside its warranty!!

The tenant went away on holiday and turned the boiler off. When he turned it on he noted smoke coming out of the boiler-it stopped functioning.(Probably cracked the tank due to freezing tempreatures which caused a leak and burnt the heating element).

electriciansX2 and plumbers were called who charged £80 + vat for their assesment

1 electrician replaced a coil and sealed a small crack in the boiler tank*(electricity operated), claiming the problem has been resolved!

The tank continued to leak=Total invoive £300 approx which I dont feel obliged to settle. as the problem hasnt been sorted

The plumber came and sealed everything twice- the damn think continues to leak and underfloor heating stopped working(probably operates through the water heated by the boiler)

2nd electrician came in and charged £80 +vat as the leak continued, to assess the problem.

The consensus of opinion is that the boiler tank is damaged.

He reported the boiler tank was cracked in several places and needed replacing.Bit surprising for a 3 yr old tank considering mine hasnt broken down for past 10 years despite heavy use and no money spent or wasted on annual servcing of a perfectly functional boiler.

The second electrician quoted a price of £2000 for parts and repairs(I know the replacement equivalent costs £600 incl VAT) but he hasnt responded to my requests for providing a full report or providing a cost effective competitive quote.

The [problem remains unresolved despite these workmen wanting to charge me 100s of pounds to diagnose and resolve the problem.

I have now posted this on hammer.co.uk for a competitive quote

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated

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I haven't come across this make of water heater before. Have you thought about getting in touch with the manufacturers or their agent for a diagnosis rather than just 'a plumber'.

I find if you don't know a plumber well they can treat you as gullible or they may be dealing with a piece of kit they know little about. I might think about getting a new unit. I have had combi boilers break down and too expensive to repair literally 1 week out of guarantee. Sod's Law.

Next time make sure tenant uderstands not to turn appliance off in winter - just leave on low setting. Unfortunately you cannot get T to pay up.


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If you requested the Plumber/Electrician to carry out or attempt a repair rather than a replacement then you are liable to pay that invoice for their work as requested by you?

Remember they did not cause your problem so there is no liability on their part.

From what you are saying a replacement water tank is the only solution to the problem as I see it and yes,by all means,go for for quotes.

We would never have attempted a repair but would have advised you that replacement was the only course of correct action for the very reasons you have outlined. Left you with a written quote to digest and whether you came back to us for the work to be carried out was entirely up to you.

I always write to my Tenants in October and advise them that boiler central heating systems must be left on and working if they are going away at any time over the Winter to avoid the consequences of freezing pipes etc. ..so far nothing has ever happened in my properties by way of freezing up.


Edit: Most, if not all "Plumbers" will be 100% conversant with the Elson unit tank Mortitia.....if not they shouldn't be in the business....lol

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Thanks for that Mel. Yes, I have heard of Elsan -don't they make chemical loos for caravans? For some reason I did not associate it with Elson as in original posting.

I'm a Glow Worm person myself.


Yes, Elsan and Elson.....Damn close to another company product title isn't it. I think I would change my company name to something far away from a chemical bog! ....LOL

Elsan toilets for campers.........


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