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New tenancy with current tenants - removing agent involvement

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Hi all,

I'm new to the site, forgive me if this query appears elsewhere on the forum and is answered sufficiently.

I'm a private landlord who has enjoyed a good relationship with my current tenants during their tenancy which began earlier this year.

The current fixed term ends in February and I am now being contacted by the agents who managed the initial sign-up on whether I want to continue with the tenants for another year. I would be happy to enter into a new contract independently with the tenants as the involvement of the agents now seems unneccessary not to mention I could save some money.

Can I ask if I have any rights at all to do so? I understand that as the agents found my current tenants they apparently have a legal right to be continually involved in any agreement between the tenants and I.

All advice welcomed.


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Depends on the written wording within your contract.......... You need to study this wording.

If you are on a full management basis then terminating the contract will be tricky and without some form of LA monetry compensation being involved to buy yourself out of this contract.

If you are on an initial "Tenent Finding" one-off payment from the start and no management then there is no need for the LA to become involved in your future plans.

Please clarify your situation.


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Melboy is correct in that the contract you entered into with the LA will contain their standard terms relating to lettings renewals. Most of these are designed to stitch up the landlords (and I say this as a letting agent) by getting money for nothing! You may have heard of the cases at Foxtons where their contracts were deemed unfair and struck out. This has set a precedent in the industry and it may be worth pointing this out to your LA when discussing the matter.

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