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tenant referencing service


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Hi Mark,

There are loads out there on the net but having been on the other end of these companies asking me for info I would want to cover the following things even if I had to do it myself.

1. Previous landlord reference (some landlords won't give a ref until tenant moves out) so try to go back one further.

2. Employment - write to employers rather than phone and make sure you get a reply on proper stationery from a named person in HR. You want to know how long and what wage.

3. Ask to see passports of tenants just to make sure they are who they say they are.

4. Has tenant got CCJ's? - this is really what the referencing company just tells you.

I can recall 2 different referencing companies calling/emailing me recently and just asking if tenant paid on time - nothing else. One wanted me to call a premium rate number to reply - I didn't. In one case tenants left flat in mess and turned into nasty person after securing new flat on my reference. Not a happy scene which is why I say try and go back 2 landlords for ref.

Good luck


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Hi Mark,

Thank you for using the forum from all here at Residentiallandlord.co.uk.

We are currently working with Landlord Referencing Service to assist them in their admirable goal of creating a network of landlords who can communicate with each other to share details of rogue tenants who have left without paying rent, damaged a property or created any kind of problems during their tenancy. The service is completely free to join, qaccess information about prospective tenants and upload your own tenants to help their future prospective landlords.

They so far have a network of over 10,000 landlords and the more landlords they get signed up the better it will work for everybody - so please do click the following link to visit their site and also share the link with any other landlords/letting agents that you think would benefit from the service.

They are also able to offer full credit check services supported by Equifax.


I hope this helps.

Many thanks,

Gary (Admin)

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Guest jeenamenon

For owners and leasing agents,in this days in market there are many companies offer the tenant a comparison of services, including financial controls, identity checks, address verification and assessment of overall risk.

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