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Tenancy Agreements


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Hi Stieve,

This is something I went through, I can understand if your a little lost at the moment, there is a lot of advice out there, but who is after your money etc???

I used the following site which had a lot of advice on there, and also some agreements, and yes some of them are free!




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I need an advice..

I still 15 yo. n my agent made me to sign a rental n I've already paid the deposit.

Is it legal to make the agreement since I'm still 15..?

if not legal, then cn I cancel the agreement n get back my deposit ?

Thanx (:

You are under the age of 18 therefore in the eyes of the law you are a "Minor" and therefore cannot enter into any legal contracts and your "agent" should have been well aware of this and they are open to prosecution themselves by allowing this to happen.


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