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Law change protects private tenants


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Rules have come into force that prevent private tenants being thrown out of their home because their landlord has not kept up with mortgage payments.Previously private tenants could be told to leave with little or no notice if the home was being repossessed and the landlord did not have permission to rent it out.

The Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants etc) Act 2010 will now mean judges can delay repossession for tenants whose landlord rented out their homes without the lender’s consent.

Tenants will be able to attend court hearings, and will have up to two months to find a new home.

The bill was introduced by the previous government, but backed by the current housing minister Grant Shapps when he was in opposition.

‘Of course all landlords should get permission from their lender before renting out their home,’ he said. ‘But when landlords don’t, and they face the real prospect of repossession, their tenants should not be left worse off than any other tenant as a result.’

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..........and if the tenant has not kept up the rent payments and therefore driving the Landlord into a repossession scenario?


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