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Help with Mortgage taxation please?


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I'm a newbie to this, and think I have spotted a property that i want to buy-to-rent.

I have a question (please)...

I have a flexible tracker mortgage on my main home, and I am fortunate enough to have one heck of a lot of positive equity on it. My mortgage will allow me to extend my current loan by an amount that will allow me to buy a flat in the local area - to rent out.

So in real terms, I will have increased the mortgage on my main home, and bought a flat with cash.

This seems appealing because i can take advantage of the fact that my current mortgage deal is 0.89%. Pretty good, and much better than I could get if I took out a buy-to-let mortgage.

So the question is this... effectively I am a cash buyer for the flat, but I have extended a mortgage on another property (my main home) to fund it.... so can i still offset those interest payments against my income when preparing my statements for the taxman.

I'm sure i'm not the first to want to do this right?

thanks in advance...

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As I read this, the mortgage interest payments you refer to are an expense on your main home and lifestyle, not a direct expense on your rented flat.

Would you offset your other main home expenses (insurance, redecorations, etc, etc) against your flat rental income?

Why not ask HMRC?

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HMRC are helpful on matters like this and it is always best to run any idea past them or a tax advisor.

You will have to register your flat as income anyway with HMRC.


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