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Installing solar cells


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Hi all,

I've been looking into the solar PV options now that the government have fixed the tarriffs. I'm going to do it to my own house but I could also do it to some of my rental ones too to give me another source of income.

Obviously the tenant would benefit from the free energy but I would get the feed in tarriffs. Well that's what the salesman has told me anyway but he's never actually done a rental house where the landlord gets the payment before!

Just wondered if anyone's done this yet? How did it work out getting the feed in tarriff payments? Any problems?

Also has anyone got any figures for how much the property value will increase by once it is done?



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A recent report and study on what you are planning to do revealed that is was not cost effective to undertake any solar conversion as the return on capital outlay would take 20 years plus to recoup and as for adding value to a property that is doubtful really.....desirable feature but not essential imo.

The salesman can massage any figures to look good to a customer and that is probably why the Guy and his company down Bournmouth way has just given a huge fine by trading standards / courts for overstating the benefits of solar energy to customers.



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