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Take take to recieve rental income


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Hi all been with well known estate agent for a while...they got me a tenate in about a year and a half ago..never got paid for like two months and a half when this was first set up..after me ringing up all the time i finnally got paid....things been okay they normally pay around the 18..maybe 21st...is this normal to wait nearly three weeks when tenate pays his rent on the 1st...also tenate wanted to renew his contract for a year contract and contacted the estate agent to ask me...i agreed to only renewin for a six month contract..to which i got charged the renew fee by estate agent who never told me..if i known that i wouldnt of said yes..thought this was against the law now as it was unfair charge..or havnt it come in yet..?? And this six month contract will it just roll over to an monthly basics if i dont end it...

Post should read Time takes to recieve rental income...couldnt change that anyway thanks in advance..

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Firstly your EA or LA cannot charge you a fee for renewal of a contract for an existing tenant whereby you have paid the finder's fee previously however they can charge you for re-writing an AST contract for, in your case, a new 6 month contract between Landlord and Tenant.

Your initial contract could have been carried on as a rolling month by month tenancy contract.

Yes, it is against the law now to charge a Landlord for an extension fee to an existing contract. They will know about the Foxton's Law case last year and if they don't then they are rubbish LA's and shouldn't be in the business.

If they refuse to refund your money then report them to their trade association RLA if they belong to it.

3 weeks is an excessive time to wait for rental payment so you must insist that this period is reduced to a maximum of 14 days.


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