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unpaid water bill


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Hi all, I havent been on here for a while but now i need some advice. We recently evicted some problem tenants (again). We have been contacted by Welsh Water saying that we are going to be cut off if we dont pay the outstanding amount. Apparently our tenants didnt register with the water board when they moved in last August and never paid any money. They moved out in May.

Welsh water now want us (the landlords) to pay the outstanding water bill of over £200. They say that its too late to chase the ex tenant and we are responsible.

Any thoughts or advice welcomed.


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Some and I say some water authorities will only accept liability if the Landlord has informed them of tenancy change-over details to them. If you were on a metered supply it is normally the landlord or their agents to provide the water authority with a new reading.

Welsh water may well throw this fact back at you as their reason for your liabilty and not theirs.


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