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Can tenant sign two tenancy agreements?


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I am new to letting out properties, so could really do with some help

We have met a couple that are very interested in renting our property, the problem is, is that only one says they can sign the tenancy agreement for approx 6 weeks - then the second person can sign.

The reason they are saying this, is that tenant 2 is currently on another tenancy agreement for another 6 weeks, the pair are very keen to move in asap, as the lady (tenant 1) is pregnant and due in the next month.

Do you know if there is a reason that the tenant could not sign 2 agreements if he is saying he can afford to pay both?

thanks in advance for any help

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This doesn't sound too good. My immediate reaction on reading this was "do not proceed"

Personally I would not let my property to a couple like this.......it has all the hallmarks of future problems.

The contract should be for 6 months not 6 weeks. Get a reference from the previous landlord and DO credit and reference checks as well on these people.

Let us all know how you get on.


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I don't see why you shouldn't proceed so long as you are quite happy with the tenants and references. The outstanding commitment with another LL is not your direct concern.

I would insist both tenants sign your six month AST for you before occupation, paying deposit and rent up front, thus ensuring that both take and share responsibility for their rental obligations to you from day one, even if only one occupies for the first six weeks.

If one doesn't wish to sign, you can tell them that you are not prepared to hold it for them both and that they risk losing it if you happen to find another tenant in the meantime.

Keep in control.

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