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carpets cleaning


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we recently moved to a new flat and although we pointed out before the starting of the tenancy that the carpets were quite worn out/stained/dirty and the inventory clerck reported the same issues the landlord doesn't want to clean the carpets.

I went back to the tenancy agreement and under the landlord's obligations it is stated clearly that " We the Landlord will make sure the premises are in a clean and tidy condition before your tenancy starts".

It seems that they are therefore in breach of this clause.

Is there anything I can do to have the carpets cleaned as per agreement>?

Many thanks

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Not now because you have accepted the property in the condition as it was shown to you. The inventory clerk does make an independant note of the condition of the carpets but that is to protect you, the tenant, from having to pay for cleaning the carpets (in this case) when the tenant leaves the property.

What you should have done is to have requested the landlord to have the carpets to be cleaned before accepting the property as a condition of occupancy.


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