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Planning Permission for property


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We own a small self contained annex attached to our main residence that was used by the previous owners mother. It has an its own entrance, with some shared services such as water and heating. There is no entrance into our proprty from the annex.

For the past 4 years we have let it out as a self catering holiday cottage without problem.

As a result of some other building work we are having carried out the letting activity has attracted the attention of the local planning officer.

They have deemed it unlawfull and state that it requires an application for change of use as it is commercial in nature, and would also attract sec 106 payments.

As the use as a holiday let is becoming problamatic for us we decided to let it out as a short term let.

The planners will have none of this and have stated that no use other than that being incidental to the enjoyment of the property would be allowed and thus we will have to apply for change of use to let it out(holiday or residential tenancy)

Has anyone come across this before and more importantly other than going to planning is there anything we can do.

Thanks MJ

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I'm no expert on this subject and ALL councils appear to interpret their own rulings of how they see things......however...........

If a property is attached to your main property and has it's own front door for access then it would be liable for it's own council tax payable which is normally band A.

If it has a door leading into your main property and is used as a 'Granny Annexe' then council tax becomes non payable by MOST local authorities or is reduced.

In your situation I would seek a professional opinion and advice to clarify what is what.


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