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Help required pl tenant not paid rent for 6 weeks and fone now being answered.


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I let out a property 1 year ago to a friend of a friend.

No tenancy agreement was signed at the time due to the above. Stupidly agreed for rent to be paid in arrears as opposed to up front. They paid me around £100 deposit.

The rent is normally payable at the beginning of the month. The person hasnt paid this. Their phone was ringing before but surprise surpise now goes to answerphone. Garden has been left in a horrible state. Last time I visited the property was around 1 year ago.

I'm not upto date with the law so would wecome any advice.

1. Am I allowed to go in with my keys to see if they have left?

2. Do I need to go to court to evict them if they still are there?

What would you advise I should do?

Thanks v much

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What can you say about this?

No, you can't go in unless it's an emergency entry.

Check the Tenant is still living there....ask neigbours......stake out.....peer through windows etc.

Yes, you would need to take court action to evict. You will have a hell of a job with no tenancy contract in place if the tenant plays difficult to leave on demand.

Have a read through the forum to see the best course of action to take and advice offered by experienced landlords.

I don't think you will be making the same mistake twice I reckon. There are no "Friends" in the letting business only Tenants with contracts.


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