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Debt / Rent Recovery


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My tennant has left the property owing 2 months rent, I have his parents forwarding address and have spoken to them via phone (the forwarding address was on his orginal tennacny application to the agents)

they gave me some guff about him living elsewhere and they would get him to contact me - which of course he hasn't.

What are my options - If I go for a CCJ how does this get served - do I have to prove he lives somewhere or can it be served at his parents address, if so how have others done this. The rent totals £900 - is it worth the time and effort.

Have others used debt recovery agencies - any reccomendations ?, are they worth it..

I have tried searching the forum here butt haven't had much luck - any help greatly appreciated.


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I suppose there is no chance getting the money off the parents but I would consider sending the CCJ documents to them. To some the thought of the bailiff calling may make them cough up. Put this to them - nicely.

Did you not have 2 months deposit to go at?

Is the tenant working? - serve him at his place of work - if you know where that is. You could try debt collectors on no win no fee but I bet they are inundated. For £900 yes I would have a go especially if he is working and you have parental contact.

Good luck,


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thaks for reply, I spoke to his parents bhy phone and said in a nice way I was sorry to get them involved and that any court papers would be sent there, though tbh not much of a reaction from them yet.

I only got 1 months deposit. he left the place in a bit of mess and with slight damage, I verbally agreed with him I wouldn't go after him for the damage and mess if he gave me the deposit in lieu of 1 months rent and coughed up the other months rent. So I got the deposit back but he's not coughed up the other months rent - hence I now want the full 2 months rent and payment for the damage and mess clean up.

He was made redunant so not sure where he works now but I will try and find that out,,

Anyone reccomend any debt collectors on the forum and any pitfalls ?, I know how to google but You dont know which ones you can rely on...

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I would write to tenant, making sure that a copy gets to parents, setting out the amount owed and your intention to get a CCJ awarded against him for your money claim, which if successful could be followed up by a court debt collector.... and see what happens. You can point out that a CCJ will affect his future credit rating etc.

How much legal action (if any) you decide is actually worth pursuing, for what is effectively about a month's lost rent plus costs, is then up to you....

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Always go for the CCJ. Never let any tenant just get away with a 'free run' to make someone else's life a misery.

Yes, it goes on their credit rating so they should be made aware of this and perhaps he will start to accept responsibility for his actions.

Landlords are not running a charity and in this case he has left your property without a word to you of his predicament and damage to repair and without explaining his actions so he really deserves all that's coming to him.


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