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Mr Nice guy gets bitten on the a$s


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Hello everyone, I'm new here... and I ramble a bit when I need to get something off my chest so I appologise for the long post!

I have a problem. I took a tennant on who is on HB, and his bond is covered by a local authority bond scheme (Solas Right Move Bond Guarantee Scheme from the Welsh assembly, not sure what the English equivalent is?), therefore he did not have to pay a single penny to move in. The reason I did this was I wanted to help a homeless person and thought I would feel good about myself (and save me from advertising the flat for new tennants).

Initially our relationship was good, and he told me the date that his HB would be paid and arranged for me to call up and collect it. This was to cover the first 4 weeks and I received it in week 7. I knew that he would always be in arrears by a few weeks due to the way the benefit system works, but decided that it would be ok as I will get any outstanding amount after he leaves.

I have not received any rent since this initial payment (now in week 14 so 10 weeks in arrears). Our relationship had been good and he has been letting me know about the due dates for his benefits etc...but is now ignoring any phone calls and letters.

So, four things...

1, Be nice to your tennants and get bitten on the as$, keep it business-like at all times.

2, HB and Bond Schemes are more hassle than the worth and guarantee nothing.

3, If tennants don't have to pay out of their own pocket, they have nothing to loose.

4, I will not let my flat to another person on benefits ever ever ever again!

I now have to get a solicitor and the courts involved (incurring costs that I can do without since being made redundant) unless anyone can advise on a quick (and cheap) and legal way to get him out?

Thanks for listening,


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You don't need to get a solicitor involved, issue a section 8 notice (grounds 8, 10 & 11) and after 14 days submit a claim via the PCOL website. Do it online because it is cheaper than the paper version (£100 vs £150 iirc).

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Just another example of the stupid system of paying the tenant the rent money.

Until the rental payment system that this myopic government introduced of taking direct landlord rent payments away and paying tenants directly to give them a false sense of cash wealth payment then you will continue to read and hear of hundreds of stories like this one as indeed I have.


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Update on this...

The tennant moved out today without me having to serve a notice on him. It seems that he felt guilty about it all and rang to appologise. He left the flat in a clean and tidy condition.

The people who underwrite the bond will give me £390, I will also get £180 from the Housing Benefit agency which leaves me £330 short. I will persue this through the small claims court, but as he does not work I'm not holding my breath!

Oh well, at least I learned a valuable (and expensive) lesson!

Thanks again for the advice/support and I really hope that the Government change this rediculous idea that the tennant gets the money paid directly to them!

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