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Returning a deposit with the DPS online


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Hi all,

I have just had a half hour battle with this so reading on may save you time.

Tenants have left and I want to refund all the deposit. What I had forgotten was that right at the outset of the tenancy the DPS email you with the Repayment ID number as soon as the payment clears - for me this was 18 months ago and I had just let the email sit in my inbox with this vital piece of info in it in very small print.

There is also the landlord ID and the deposit ID to have ready as well - I already had these on the print out form.

It is not abundantly clear from the website as the where the Repayment ID is - so if you are a DPS depositor make sure you note down your Repayment ID at the outset.

Another tip - there was some damage to pay for at this property I calcualted at £95. Tenant and myself agreed this and he gave me £95 in cash and I refunded all the deposit online to save us having to register a dispute and the whole thing take ages. Fine if you can agree and come to terms I know but worth doing.


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