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Hi all

I am new to this and would like some advice please

I have a tenant who is complaining about the cost of electricity to heat flat

The flat has no gas supply

The tenant has asked me to supply a calor gas heater

Should i supply this, or as there are plenty of electric heaters tell them they have to get their own

calor gas heater



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Touble is with calor gas heaters is that they create water and condensation which in turn may (probably will) damage your property.

Even if you agree to let them buy their own be prepared for this.

No you don't have to provide such heaters.

Have you tried increasing the insulation in the flat? Energy is expensive so your tenant will have to accept this and put up with it or move on. Another tenant may not think the cost of heating so bad.

A long term approach would be to get gas laid on and insulate. These plasma gas fires that hang on the wall are fab, very efficient - and no flue needed - but you must have a vent to an outside wall for fresh air put in.

Hope this helps,


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It could be a condition of the flats building permissions that no gas supply is to be supplied for safety reasons.

It is not your responsibility to supply a calor gas heater and I personally would never allow onre of these ready made bombs in my property I can tell you......I hate them!

Your tenant was aware of the electric heating as fitted when taking occupancy and should settle for that.

You havn't got the dreaded slot meters fitted have you?


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I wouldn’t have any sort of gas heaters, they will cause no end of condensation trouble and the fact is you probably don’t need them anyway.

Are the heaters storage heaters?

If so there are a couple of things you can check.

Are they on 02 billing with the electric company? This gives them E7 which basically means a higher day rate but a far cheaper night rate. Storage heaters are expensive to run so you have to run them at night on the cheap rate and release the heat during the day. That is how they are supposed to work.

If they are turning them on during the day this would certainly lead to higher bills.

If they are on 01 billing they would be on the one rate throughout the day, a rate toward the higher end of the high and low rate of E7, again this would be expensive and it wouldn’t matter when they turned them on. If this is the case they need to change to 02 billing.

Maybe, and I suspect it to be the case, they are not using the heaters efficiently and this would be the first thing I’d check out

It’s recently been touted on here about Utility Warehouse, they do offer value for money products and they are worth a look. I joined up as a distributor last March as it slots in nicely with the day job. However, the facility is there if you can make use of it.

If you need any further information feel free to PM me or look at our website www.utilitymove.com



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