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Just about to move a tenant into our latest property. This one, we have let direct, rather than through a LA.

All the previous properties the LA has done the inventory. This time I'll be doing it myself.

Obvioulsy I want to be sure that I cover anything so any tips please. Would anyone have a checklist type thing I can use?


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Mark......you can download the inventory forms from this website for free.


Take photo's of the rooms if you can within the property.

Make sure you have a contract clause ensuring the oven is as clean as found on acceptance by the Tenant.

Be prepared though for fair wear and tear from any Tenant but obviously not wanton damage.


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....and if the download looks a bit too sophisticated for a basically unfurnished property just write your own list.

Mine is items (e.g. carpets and curtains) room by room with any notes on condition and dates when last replaced. Photograph any marks on carpets etc.

I would add condition of decorations for each room, paintwork etc., windows (mould?), and when last redone. Any repairs (plumbing etc.)

I would also include a count of keys, smoke detectors working, condition of outside paintwork, and state of garden, rubbish and recycling bins (inc. belonging to local authority).

I'll stop before I think of something else.....this thread could become a game....!

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