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Oven door burn mark


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I have tenants who are due to move out this month...they have burned the front of the oven door. The oven wasnt new...but there wasnt a mark on the outside..but now there is a 3inch diameter burn mark on the top end of the door...

It was a relatively cheap white electric oven, and i am sure there is no way to just replace the door as this model is probably impossible to find///or how much do i charge as i will have to replace the whole oven...what do i insist the tenants do about it...as check out is iminent.

Any advice/thoughts welcome


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The oven was not new but 2nd hand in the first place.

Why has the oven got a 3" burn mark on the door?

Did your Tenant burn the oven door delibrately?......or was it a faulty door seal which is a common fault on cheapy electric ovens?

Sorry, Heebs but I cannot imagine why you would want to charge your Tenant in the first place unless you can prove that there was deliberate damage carried out by your Tenant. Go and buy a replacement oven if you must and treat it as a tax deductable item or if you dont want to spend money respray the front panel in white enamel.... assuming it is white of course.


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1) Find out the make and serial number of the oven.

(You should have a User Instruction Manual for the use of the tenant - if not add it to this suggestion)

2) Google the phone or email of the manufacturer's customer service department who should put you in touch with a gas appliance spares company for the make. Usually it will be GIAS or 'Central Spares'.

3) Find out if they can supply a new door and seal (and User Instruction Manual ) for the model. (An IM is I think mandatory from manufacturer.)

If you can fit it yourself (a few screws) this exercise could be a fraction of the price of a new cooker.

Don't expect any contribution from the outgoing tenants - especially as the oven wasn't new when they took it over.

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