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I am fairly new to this game and started about a year ago. I only have three properties, renovating and managing them myself.

Today I was trying to figure out some realistic rental charges for a new property so I went to a lettings agent, and what an experience it was.

They were the” best in the area”, and told me all about the wonderful services they could offer me. I have followed lots of the topics about useless agents so I asked a few simple questions.

I was amazed that they charge hundreds of pounds to the tenant and the landlord but carry no responsibility. Completing a standing order form, a reference request and credit check was going to cost me over a thousand pounds a year. What struck me was that if I get it wrong I pay, but if the agent gets it wrong I pay and as the landlord I pay the agent for the privilege.

I was then assured that they were all “legally trained” and the agent would “take care of any evictions” again for a fee. It then became apparent that the agent didn’t know what a s21a or s21b were.

So thank you, all you contributors who educate us, the silent watchers, and in the process save us thousands of pounds and hours of work.

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I know Trenners will read this and possibly comment but there are good ones out there who are trained and experienced.

It could just be you picked on a wrong 'un of which there are many out there and these are the ones to avoid but it does appear you asked the right question which flagged up a solid reason not to go with this LA.


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