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Tenants who wish to childmind


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Hi, I am looking for some general guidance. I am a landlord and my tenant has approached me advising that she would like to childmind from my property as a registered ofstead childminder. Although keen to help her, I am a little wary about any liability on my part should a child injure themselves in the property. The property is of a high standard but I have concerns from a general knock to a more extreme incident such as roof tile falling and hitting a child (extreme and unlikely but used to demonstrate my concern). If you have any guidance on my part it would be grately appreciated. Should I insist on anything from my tenant, such as separate insurance?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Just a guess here and I'm sure you may have already thought this but wouldnt it make sense for the tenant to have to take out insurance to cover them for their business and be responsable for any necessary safety measures required like child stair gates as these things are not required to be fitted by a landlord when you rent out your house out anyway. If your house is upto health and safety standards im guessing the onus is on the tenant to bring the property upto their choosen business standards - providing they have permission from you to make any necessary and reasonable adjustments to do this - If in doubt ask an insurance company or local council who I'm sure will be able to point you in the right direction.

P.S. could you possibly or know somebody that might be able to shed any light on my thread Estate agent for Watchdog Candidate?

Be warned it is a long one and I get the feeling it might have put anyone off from reading it which is why I think I've only got 1 greatfull reply however I feel the info is necessary.

All the best


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Running a business such as this from a rented property requires certification from the local authority and business indemnity insurances in place.

If you have a mortgage or your own insurance in place you will need permission from these companies as well.

If you go ahead make sure you have copies of all the necessary documents.


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