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EPC - NEw Builds


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I am just getting a new tenant into one of my new build properties - (3 years old).

The builders (Bryant) must have built to a EPC std, therefore do I still need to buy one?

Seems like a licience to print, seen as there are about 500 properties on this development and all will be the same Enery Performance!

Do it once and photocopy the form. Money for old rope! Do I need one?

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Hi Zilpha

Yes an EPC is required on all rentals as of Oct 1st 2008. However your property isnt classified as New Build as it is 3 years old. So a Normal EPC from a domestic Eergy Assessor is what you need , This will save you money as New Build or off Plan Certificates are more expensive.

New Build Certificates are compiled using full SAP ( Standard Assessment Proceedure)

Domestic EPC's are compiled using RdSAP (Reduced Data Standard Assessment Proceedure)

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