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Tenant referencing companies


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Hi all,

I am interested to see what you all think of this practice by in this case Home Let.

My very nice tenants of 5 years want to move to a larger house and have located one through a local letting agent. Tenants had told me a year ago they were looking and on Thursday rang to say they had found what they wanted and give notice. They didn't tell me they had given my mobile number to Home Let.

On Friday whilst I was 400 miles away from base on business I received quite stroppy v-mail from Home Let demanding I call them immediately on an 0845 number with an 8 digit locator to give a reference for these tenants. I did this just out of decency to my tenants but was not happy at the style of approach or tone of the 'investigator'. His attitude was one of unwarranted superiority - and after all I was doing his company a favour as without response from landlords they are stuffed.

On return home I had a similar tone of 'letter' from Home Let demanding I attend to this immediately asking for more info but with no pre-paid envelope enclosed or fax an 0870 number.

Do you think this is out of order?

I am all for giving tenants a good or bad refence but the tone and style this company uses is not pleasant. I personally have never used them and will make a point not to do so in the future.

Just feel I had to let off steam about this!


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