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Hi Everyone,

We are sorry to say that we have had to remove a post naming individual tenants for data protection and possible libel issues.

Please note that although we aim to help landlords in the most practical ways possible we must of course have propper regard for data protection laws, rights of individuals (however much they have upset anybody), and our own position.

But for all of your information there is nothing to stop naming particular areas that difficulties have occured and inviting landlord colleagues to consult you by email.

Best wishes,


P.S We think Rodent may have gone underground !!

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LOL i wondered how long it would take, you to remove it.

Sadly however emotional someone feels, it has to be the letter of the law, if it was that easy to name name agents would have a list as long as a trip to the moon.

However some of that would be built on emotion, and personalities, therefore wrongly.

As in all walks of life, sometimes you win sometimes you loose and sometimes the coach says you dont play..........

Property is a business, just like any other business...........sometime win sometimes loose ......and its not all about profit.

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