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fraudster agent


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:D hi, i recently appointed an agency to manage a flat i own. (don't ask me why, i was managing it myself for years). they found a tenant. we agreed on the rent i should receive, let say £625.00 pcm net, without any charges. so far so good? it is four weeks now and i have not received the rent in advance plus the running month's rent. they delaying in paying the rent due to me. when ask why, they replying,"it will be in your account in 3-4 days. they saying that for the past 3 weeks

Now, they have agreed with the tenant a monthly rent for £450.00pcm including utilities and Council tax. they asked the tenant to pay rent for six months in advance (he did) because, they told hm this is the landlady' s request. (not so) is there something fishing?

can anyone has any advice to give, please i am very worried.

i contacted all the appropriate bodies, but noone can help a case involving tenant-landlord case.

i went to the police, they were not very helpful.

i think i am dealing with a daudgy agency. can you please, anyone has any advice, please, please?

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I see no one has offered any replies to you yet. It does sound very odd that a rogue agent could take so much money off a tenant so easily.

Surely you must have some signed agreement with the letting agent? If it were me I would take any paperwork to a solicitor preferably one experienced with landlord/tenant stuff or go and front the agent out yourself and refuse to move until you get your money.

It does sound fraudulent and you need to act quickly.

Let us know the outcome.


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