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Tenancy agreement


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Hi there,

I am new to becomming a landlord and would really appreciate some much needed advice from the pro's out there.

I am about to have a tenanacy agreement drawn up for my house which will have 4 students living in it. What clauses shoud i include in the agreement (how should these be worded), which my agent will draw up. I am assuming it will be a standard agreement/template.

Any other information you may think would be valuable will be very appreciated

many thanks.


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your best bet to get a good idea of typical tenancy agreement clauses is to look at the various free agreements you can find on line.

The most important thing, though, is for you to be clear with your advisors on the legal structure you want to create. For example, are you creating just one tenancy to be shared by all four occupants or four separate tenancies? If the latter and there is more than one household in the property, then you may be creating a House in Multiple Occupation, which generates additional legal and safety obligations on your part.

Good luck


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