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  1. No, unfortunately I don't. But looking through numerous posts, rent guarantee insurance and a home owning gurantor are a must. I will now bear this in mind going forward. I have never done this before. Would you kindly point me to some literature or links that would allow me read up on how to do this (step by step) properly. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your reply Richlist. Totally agree that all I'm concerned with is getting the full rent each month.
  3. Hello there, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am in need for some expert advice please. I have one property which I let out to a group of 3 friends (all young professionals) through my usual lettings agent. All 3 tenants name were on the tenancy agreement. The payment agreement was that the monthly full rent would come from a single tenant. So Tenant 1 and 2 would transfer their share of the rent to tenant 3, who would then transfer the money to my account each month. One month Tenant 3 failed to transfer the monthly rent to me. When I enquired as to why the rent di
  4. Hi, I own a 1 bedroom flat in a purpose built block in east london. The lease is for 99 years from 24/06/80 has come down to 70 years and i would like to renew it. (as of 25/06/09 will be 69 years and counting). The freeholders of the property (nasty piece of work), who incidentally are also the managing agents contacted me inquiring if i wanted to extend the lease for a premium of £40k plus costs. I had a valuation done last year in Oct by a surveyor and was quoted between £8,700 - £10,700 plus costs. This is a big difference from what the freeholders are asking. I currently pay £35
  5. Hi Preston, thanks for your advice. i will look up clauses on the net and i am only looking to create one agreement between the four. savvy
  6. Hi there, I am new to becomming a landlord and would really appreciate some much needed advice from the pro's out there. I am about to have a tenanacy agreement drawn up for my house which will have 4 students living in it. What clauses shoud i include in the agreement (how should these be worded), which my agent will draw up. I am assuming it will be a standard agreement/template. Any other information you may think would be valuable will be very appreciated many thanks. Savvy
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