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how to handle this


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My tenant moved out from my part furnished flat last saturday 30th august.

I arrived at the flat the day after and found she had removed my sofa. When I asked her where my sofa was she said she had given it to a man at the upstairs flat.I said she had no right to remove my furniture without my permission she said it was a mistake! I said she should ask for it back she said she had no keys to get to the building and no number for the person to call. I left a message on the door of this person ,he has been home to collect his mail but did not take the message I left and it looks like he does not want to co operate.

I have told my ex tenant that I cannot give her deposit back until the sofa is returned.

What to do now, as a good landlord I wish to return the deposit asap to her but cannot as the sofa was a specially built because of difficult access to the flat and was new 1.5 years ago when she moved in.

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Well to my mind the solution is fairly simple............

"Put my sofa back as you took the Tenancy or you forfeit your deposit".

It's not the Landlord's job to go around chasing Tenants who have fouled up imo.


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