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Check Out - Confirmation of Bills Paid


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This is how I do it:

Last day for final handover I check the utility meter readings with the Tenant and record the readings with Tenant agreeing and hand a copy to the Tenant and tell them it is their responsibility to inform the utilities of their move out as indeed I will do likewise. I normally do this straight away. Any problems after that is between the utility company and their client (my Tenant).

I do the same when new Tenant takes over as well.

It has worked for me this way of doing things for 15 years (apart from the bar stewards who have done moonlight flits of course but even then there was no real problem for me.)

Council Tax people are also informed on the same day.


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Hi Cachaqua,

Surely your tenancy agreement states that the tenants are responsible for their utility bills so you should not have to worry if they pay them or not. For new tenants going in now you will not have a deposit to deduct from as it will be 'protected'.

I do very similar to Melboy and have made up a check list to assist. Always inspect the meter with the tenants - going in and leaving so no arguments later and if they do/have done a runner I text it to them. If you phone the utility co's or council tax they say they can't discuss customer issues under Data Protection Act so it is out of your hands. All you can do is give new readings and names of new tenants.

I have never had any trouble doing it this way. Hope that helps and good luck with your 2nd term of managing.


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