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Stamp Duty


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A pathetic attempt by a Chancellor in a failing Government to meddle in the private housing industry.

So who is going to pay for the concessions then? Public finances are already in dire straights so he won't be borrowing even more public money because he is already under a caution from Parliamentry Finance Committee.

The measures announced will do absolutely nothing for the housing downturn in fact I pity anyone trying to sell a valued property at anywhere near the £175k mark.

This Chancellor has a reputation for not revealing the detail in any of his financial statements but I have to say he got one thing absolutely right in a recent statement on the economy under his direction....yes, we are pissed off with you and the sooner you lot are out of power the better it would be 'cos it just cannot get much worse than you are making it.

Mel (Wait 'till I'm King!)

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