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Buy to let from abroad


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We recently moved to the US (long story but sponsored by company) and have decided to stay a little longer than expected.

we've decided to rent our place out in the UK and remortgage as buy to let so we can take some of the equity out and purchase a place in the US at the same time..

Will we have difficulty getting a buy to let mortgage if we're not earning in the UK (i.e. we're paid in dollars :o( in the US ) ?

the property rents well - and will more than cover the mortgage 120% + of the monthly payment etc... I've just noticed that there are quite a few sites that state must be a UK resident... not sure we qualify there now..

thanks for any thoughts.


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You are still a UK citizen on temporary work location in the US and therefore will be able to apply for a mortgage on your existing property. You are still subject to UK Taxation on your rental property and will need to take expert advice upon your return to the UK re where do I go from here if I need to sell one property.

Been there and done it so I know my advice is correct.


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If you have not already done so, you and your spouse will need to prepare form P85 leaving the UK and also will have to register for the non resident landlord scheme. The NRLS means that you have tax deducted at source on gross rents, unless you make an application to receive rents gross and pay via self assessment. You will need to prepare UK tax returns each year also.

You may also need to look at the US tax issues, depending on how long you are staying there.

If you are looking for a tax adviser to assist with tax compliance or advice, do feel free to contact me.

In the meantime, I hope this helps



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I currently work as a mortgage advisor (for my sins in the current climate). :o

Although you are a UK citizen and have the right to live in the UK you are not currently a UK resident and living in the uk for at least 6 months of any year . Most Mortgage lenders require you to be a UK resident and certainly be on the voters roll for your uk residency address.

With the current climate conditions and shortage of funds to lend many lenders lending policies have more stringent processes in place. For most it is a big no no if you are not resident in the UK.

Its a good idea to find a independant financial adviser who has access to the whole lending market place to search and see if they can find you anything.

Good Luck ;)

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